Bag Child Hunger

What do children do between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, when they don’t have food available at home?

This is what we asked ourselves. Modeling projects around the U.S., we organized a program designed to feed children over the weekend.

Each week we purchase or gather donated food and drinks, and package them into bags which the schools distribute to those identified children who are going hungry when school is out.

Who are we?

We are parents, educators, and community volunteers who have come together for a common goal.

Under the direction of Morgan County Starting Points, our aim is to feed needy children throughout the school year. Your monetary and food donations help us reach this goal.

The Morgan County Backpack program provides a bag of food that is sent home each Friday with children whose families struggle with food resources. Each bag contains nutritional, child friendly food.

The program is designed to help severely at risk students get the assistance they need without drawing any attention to themselves.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to Bag Child Hunger.