Baby Shower

A spring and fall baby shower is held to provide support to any Morgan County family who is currently pregnant or has had a baby in the last 12 months. Educational sessions, gifts, raffles and networking are part of the evening. Call us for more information at (304) 258-5600.

Camp Moco

A summer day program for children kindergarten through 5th grade focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Reading, etc.

Empty Bowls

Our primary fund raising event of the year to support the Meal Time Community Kitchen.

Grandparents Day Celebration

The second Sunday of September is a wonderful opportunity for grandparents and children to strengthen their bond.

2023 Holiday Helpers

Annual event that brings Christmas to low-income families in Morgan County. Community partners, such as churches, businesses, individuals, and organizations purchase gifts for children of eligible families. Eligibility and registration information is available each fall. For more information call 304-258-5600.

Paw Paw Block Party

A collaborative community event held in Paw Paw. It is a fun day of free food, games, music, and activities.